Happyplüs Renewal FAQs

1. How much do I pay for card renewal?

You can buy the Happyplüs Card for P100 only.

2. Can I use my happyload, happypoints to pay for my card?

Yes. You can buy the Happyplüs card using your happyload, happypoints or a combination of both to pay for your new card.

3. Do I need to surrender my old card?

Yes, if you are renewing your card in-store. If you are renewing online and after the expiry date, then there is no need to surrender. 

4. How will I know if my card is already expiring?

You can find the Validity Dates under the Happyplüs Card Number.  (Eg. VALID THRU 12/2019). If the card is already dilapidated, please call the customer hotline at (02) 8588-6000 so we can assist you.

5. I still have a balance left on my old card; will the remaining balance be transferred to my new card?

Yes. Cardholders will be notified thru text message when the remaining balance can be transferred to the new card.

6. I already renewed my card using the Renewal envelope, when can I request for HP Transfer/HP Charge?

Cardholders who renewed their cards via the envelope may request for HP Transfer/HP Charge after 15 days from date of submission. 

7. I am a Happyplüs Cardholder; I want to renew my card with an Ultimate Greencard. Is this possible?


8. I don’t know the Expiry or Validity Date of my Happyplüs card. How can I know if my card is expiring or not?

You can view the Validity date by logging into your Happyplüs account online, or call our customer hotline at (02) 8588-6000 or email us at support@happyplus.com.ph so we can assist you.

9. Will the RAFFLE ENTRIES in my expired card be transferred to my new card as well? Am I still eligible for the raffle promo?

Yes. Your Raffle Entries can still be seen in your Account and will still be included in the raffle draw.

10. I won in the Monthly Raffle Promo with the Raffle Entries in my expired card. How can I get my prize?

Call the customer hotline at (02) 8588-6000 or email at support@happyplus.com.ph immediately so we can have the prize transferred to your New Card.