Free Food for Points

Earn happy points when you use your card and use the points to get free food!

Every P 50 food purchase earns you one happy point. One happy point is equal to one (1) peso.

Monthly Cash Winners

Register and reload your happyplüs card for a chance to win up to P 100,000 every month! The more you reload, the more raffle entries you get.

  • P 100 = 1 raffle entry
  • P 300 = 5 raffle entries
  • P 500 = 10 raffle entries
  • P 1000 = 25 raffle entries
Fast Cashless Payments

No need for cash or wait for change.

Just tap the happyplüs card to pay for your food. When you run out of load, simply reload your card for a minimum of P 100.