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Program Update

Greetings, Happyplus Members!

We would like to inform our members that the Happyplus program will sunset this year. We hope we brought you closer to your favorite brands and we are grateful for the never-ending support you have shown us for the past years.

Given this, we will no longer be selling Happyplus cards. Members with all active branded Happyplus cards namely Joy Rewards Card, Overload Rewards Card, Chow Card, Red Ribbon Rewards Card, and Mang Inasal card have until July 31, 2024 to earn points per transaction and load their card. Members can also redeem their Happypoints until September 30, 2024, with our participating stores nationwide. With this, we encourage Happyplus members to use their active cards to earn and redeem their points. 

We hope for your continuous support as we create a new experience and journey with the JFC Loyalty Program. 

Refer to this announcement’s FAQs for more information:




Why is there an end of earning points and redeeming of points?

There is an end of earning points because Happyplus will sunset this year.

What will happen to my Happyplus card balance?

You may still use your active Happyplus card to make in-store purchases.

Can I still renew my card after the end of card selling?

You may only renew your Happyplus card until April 15, 2024. Otherwise, you will not be able to use your load & points anymore.

Can I still use my expired card?

No. Once expired, you will not be able to transact using your Happyplus card.

Can I still use my active card (not expired card)

Yes, you can still use your active Happyplus card to make purchases and earn points. 

Are my Happypoints and Happyload convertible to cash?

Your Happyload and Happypoints are not convertible to cash. You may only use your loads and points when you use your Happyplus card to transact.

When is the official end of earning points?

Earning points for Happyplus officially ends on July 31, 2024.

Can I earn Happypoints in the participating store before July 31, 2024?

Yes, members with active Happyplus cards can still earn Happypoints until July 31, 2024. Continue to use your cards to earn points when transacting with our participating store.

Will I still earn Happypoints after July 31, 2024?

No. Members can no longer earn Happypoints beyond July 31, 2024. 

When is the official end of redeeming points?

Redeeming points for Happyplus officially ends on September 30, 2024.

Can I redeem Happypoints in participating store before September 30, 2024?

Yes, members with Happyplus cards can redeem their Happypoints by September 30, 2024. 

Can I still redeem my Happypoints after September 30, 2024?

No. Members can no longer redeem their Happypoints beyond September 30, 2024.


How can I redeem my earned Happypoints?

Members may claim their Happypoints by requesting this at the Cashier counter of any participating store nationwide.

Can I still load my Happyplus card to use for purchase?

Yes, members can still load your Happyplus card to earn points until July 31, 2024.

Your stores are always offline, and I can't use my card.

The Happyplus team is doing our best to make sure that you get the best service.


To know the nearest online store in your area, you may check our participating store list or reach out to us through our Official Facebook page:


You may also chat with us and share your location so we can further assist you in locating the nearest branch that uses Happyplus. 

What will happen to my unused earned points?

 If members are not able to redeem their points, it will be forfeited.

I was not able to renew my card. Can I still earn points using my expired card?

Members are not allowed to use their expired Happyplus card to earn points. 

Do I need to register my Happyplus card to earn points?

We encourage members to register their cards so they can track their earned points online.


For more information about your Happyplus card and accounts, you may refer to our member FAQs: FAQs | Happyplus. If you have any questions or clarification, you may email our store support for your concerns: [email protected] or message our official Facebook page:


Thank you!