(Updated as of September 07, 2018)

The Program is a loyalty rewards card with cashless payments program (herein referred to as “Happyplüs”) offered by the Jollibee Foods Corporation (herein referred to as “JFC”). In this program, “cardholder” means everyone that may be a member with a Happyplüs card and its other card formats such as Ultimate Greencard, Jollibee Kids Club, etc. All these cards will be collectively known as “Happyplüs card”.

The rules of the Happyplüs Program are outlined below.

Happyplüs Card Membership

  1. The card membership is valid and may be used in any of our brands – Jollibee, Chowking, Red Ribbon, Greenwich and Mang Inasal (herein referred to as “JFC brands”) The cardholder can check the expiry date on the face of the card. Membership must be renewed before or after expiration in order for the cardholder to continue enjoying the benefits of the Happyplüs program. If membership is renewed before the expiration date, If membership is renewed before expiration date, the last balance on the expiring card will be transferred to the new card. On the other hand, if the membership is renewed within ninety (90) days from the card’s expiration date, all unused balance and points will be transferred to the new card Non-renewal within 90 days from the expiration date will result in the forfeiture of all the remaining balances in the Happyplus card.

Use of the Happyplüs Card

  1. Loading the Happyplüs card: The Happyplüs card is the first card that utilizes cashless payment in the Philippines. It allows the cardholder to load a monetary value on to the Happyplüs card for future purchases at participating JFC brands nationwide. The Happyplüs Card is to be treated like cash. The monetary value that the cardholder can load onto the Happyplüs card is a pre-payment for the goods and services of participating JFC brands. The Happyplüs card is valid for use in participating JFC brands in the Philippines only.
  2. Load amounts for the Happyplüs card: The cardholder can load value (herein referred to as “Happyload”) onto a Happyplüs Card using cash by visiting any participating store. The minimum amount that can be loaded is Php 100.00, in increasing denominations of Php 100. The maximum value of Php 10,000.00 may be stored on any card at any given time. The Happyload in the card is non-refundable and may not be exchanged for cash or credit balance. The Happyload balance does not expire as long as the card is active.
  3. Purchasing with the Happyplüs card: The cardholder may use the Happyload of the card when making a purchase at any participating JFC brands. The cardholder may also opt to split the payment of a transaction using the combination of Happyload and Happypoints.
  4. Earning Happypoints with Happyplüs card: When you make a purchase using your Happyplüs card, you are entitled to earn Happypoints. Every Php 50.00 purchase using the card is entitled to earn one (1) Happypoint.
  5. Redemption of Happypoints: Cardholders may redeem their Happypoints at any of our participating JFC brands. To redeem the Happypoints, they can convert one (1) Happypoint for Php 1.00. The Happypoints earned do not expire. If there is no card used on the date of the transaction, no Happypoints will be awarded.
  6. Disputes on Transactions of the Happyplüs card: It is the responsibility of the cardholder to keep transaction receipts, which may be required in case of a request for Happyload and Happypoints verification by the cardholder.
  7. Happyplüs Registration: Registering the Happyplüs card is optional and the card can be used right away without registering. However, registering the card has benefits that the cardholder can enjoy, such as:
  • Eligibility to join the Monthly Raffle Promo
  • Viewing the Transaction History of the card
  • Viewing the Balances and Raffle Entries accumulated by the card
  • Additional 5 raffle entries (if cardholder registered online)
  • Exclusive updates and promos for Happyplüs

The Happyplüs card can be registered in any of the following ways:

  • Via Happyplüs Welcome Kit Membership Form – Cardholder can submit this form at any participating store where they bought the card. The store will now transmit the forms to Main Office for encoding.
  • Via Happyplüs Online Website – Cardholder may log on to happyplus.com.ph and register online using the “Register Now” button.
  • Via Happyplüs SMS – Cardholder may send a text message to Globe/TM 2158-8000 or Smart/Sun/TnT 29290-58-8000 with the following format:
    1. REG <space> 16 DIGIT CARD NUMBER <space> FIRST NAME <space> MIDDLE NAME <space> LAST NAME <space> BIRTHDAY (MM-DD-YY) <space> GENDER <space> EMAIL ADDRESS.
  • Via Happyplüs Hotline – Cardholder may call (02) 08588-6000 and speak to a Customer Representative.

Once registered, the cardholder will receive a notification email that has a confirmation link. The cardholder needs to click on the link to verify their account. The cardholder’s account shall be accessible thru the Happyplüs website. It reflects the card’s balances, raffle entries earned, pending Happyload and Happypoints amount, and past five (5) transactions of the card. Note that the website information may be available from 24-48 hours from the last transaction of the card.

  1. Happyplüs Raffle: Once registered, the cardholder is now eligible to join the Happyplüs raffle promo. The cardholder will get the equivalent electronic raffle entries upon loading the Happyplüs card in participating JFC brands every month. The breakdown of the entries and Happyload amount are as follows:

The raffle promotion ended last March 31, 2020.

  1. Unauthorized Usage: JFC reserves the right not to accept any Happyplüs card or otherwise limit the use of a Happyplüs card if it reasonably believes that such use is unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful.
  2. Lost Happyplüs card: A lost happyplus card cannot be replaced. All Happypoints and Happyload balances are as good as cash. JFC and Happyplüs will not be held liable for any unauthorized usage of the card, even if the cardholder has reported his/her card as lost. JFC and Happyplus will not reimburse or reinstate the Happypoints and Happyload balances of the lost card to a new card.
  1. Damaged Happyplüs card: Cards that are damaged because of mishandling may be replaced. The cardholder has the option to transfer the existing Happyload and Happypoints balance to a newly purchased card for a fee of Php 100.00. The damaged card will then be replaced within 15 days from the date of receipt. The cardholder will be notified via SMS, call or email when they can pick up their card at their nominated store.
  2. Defective Happyplüs card: Cards that cannot be read due to a system error when used in participating JFC brands can be subject to replacement. To replace a defective card, they must surrender the card at any participating JFC brands. The defective card will be validated by Main Office and will be replaced for free within fifteen (15) days if found defective. The cardholder will be notified via SMS, call or email when and where they can pick up their card at their nominated store.
  3. Senior citizen and PWD Guidelines: Senior citizen and PWD cardholders are eligible for discounts on purchases using the card, provided that the Senior citizen and PWD discount not be availed in conjunction with other discounts and/or promotions. The Senior citizen and PWD discount do not apply to the purchases of Happyplüs cards.

Significant Changes

  1. These Terms and Conditions shall remain valid unless amended by Happyplüs. Happyplüs shall use reasonable efforts to provide cardholders with accurate and timely information regarding the Happyplüs Program including any changes thereof; however, Happyplüs shall not be liable in any way for failure to do so.
  2. Happyplüs Program reserves the right at all times, without notice and its sole discretion:
    • to make any changes whatsoever to these Terms and Conditions including the rules and guidelines of the program;
    • to withdraw, cancel, withhold, substitute, deny access to or use of or in any way change any of the benefits previously advertised or offered, to any cardholder, at any time, without prior notice, and Happyplüs will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the cardholder resulting from such withdrawal, cancellation, variation or change;
    • to terminate or materially alter the Happyplüs Program and/or revoke the program membership of any cardholder and/or the right of any cardholder to use the Happyplüs Card or to utilize any benefits.

Privacy Policy

  1. Our Privacy Policy, and any changes thereto which we may implement from time to time, in connection with how we process your personal information collected from this Site may be found in this link happyplus.com.ph/privacy-policy. You agree that with your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, you have read, understood and accepted our Privacy Policy.