How to load your card:

  1. Go to any participating store nationwide.
  2. At the Cashier's area, request to load your card.
    • Minimum load is Php 100.
    • Maximum load is Php 10,000.
    • Cash payment only.
  3. Tap your card on the happyplus readers.
    • Wait for the acknowledgement receipt.
    • You can now order and then pay with your happyload.

How to pay using load and points:

  1. Go to any participating store nationwide.
  2. Order your favorite at the Cashier.
  3. Tell the Cashier that you'll pay using your load, points or both in your card.
    • For combination of load and points, mention how much load and how many points you'll use.
    • Every P50 purchase using your happyload, will earn 1 happypoint.

How to check your card's balance:

  1. Via Happyplus Reader.
    • Tap on the Card Terminal
    • Remaining happyload and happypoints will show on the card terminal everytime you tap on it.
  2. POS Sales Receipt.
    • Happyload and Happypoints previous and current balance is reflected on the receipt everytime you load or make a purchase using your card.
  3. Hotline: 8588-6000
  4. Website
    • Registered cardholders may check their card balance online including their last 5 transactions.