Advisory: Happyplus Phishing Scam



To all Happyplüs Cardholders:


This is to inform you of the SMS and email scams meant to target happyplüs cardholders. These emails are sent to trick individuals into allegedly winning the Raffle Draw and downloading a certain application to claim the prize.


Recently, some of the cardholders received an email or SMS that seemed to come from the Happyplüs program. Fraudsters make it appear as if the SMS or email come from the Happyplüs program. Clicking on the link, users are directed to download an application wherein they can claim the prize that they supposedly won in the Monthly Raffle draw. This application can be used as a virus to attack your devices. Please be informed that this is a phishing scam. Happyplüs will never ask its cardholders to download any application through embedded links.


While the Happyplüs Technical Team has already taken action regarding this activity, we would like you to exercise caution regarding this suspicious email. Please take note of the following details to protect you from this fraudulent activity:


1. Official Happyplüs Raffle Prizes can only be claimed at any of the participating Jollibee,

    Red Ribbon, Chowking and Greenwich stores.

2. Happyplüs will not ask to download any mobile or desktop applications to claim any raffle


3. Monthly Raffle Draw winners are listed in the Happyplüs website. You may check if you are one of the lucky winners.



If you receive a suspicious email, immediately report it to us. Kindly call our hotline (02) 588-6000 and send a copy / screenshot of the SMS you received to [email protected].